Fairmont Quasar Istanbul Hotel

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Fairmont Quasar İstanbul Hotel


Fairmont Quasar 





The project that we have prepared for Fairmont Quasar İstanbul Hotel, which is in one of the most central locations of İstanbul, is bringing together the guests of the hotel with the permanent exhibition which was created within the frame of town-venue-human and collective memory which advances continuously and adapts oneself through time. 

The Fairmont Quasar art project which we got involved as of the architectural design process and undertook the art management of the project, was for the common areas and all the floors with the rooms.  Apart from placing the art works with a curatorial perception, the project was built around frame of an authentic collection concept. From the concept development until the mounting of the works within the venue, the provided service of the project was integrated, the stories of the common areas were built with layers and exhibited in different art forms. 

The works within the created collection are mainly from national artists and pieces created especially for the project by ateliers. There were more than 1000 different products including the work of arts and the decorative objects for the project, and the designed, produced and obtained pieces were more than 3000 pieces. Apart from the painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation, photography artists, there were various marble, ceramics, stone, metal etc. arts and crafts ateliers from different cities of Turkey were included in the project. 


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