Documentary Exhibition on Multiculturalism

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Documentary Exhibition on Multiculturalism







The project which was organised together with the WHKI - World Heritage Kastamonu Initiative, a civilian organisation and public sector is about a documentary exhibition application and art management of the works of Prof. Dr. Sakine Eruz about “Multiculturalism and Polylingualism”.

The exhibition which was organised in a historical place and which had an archival value, was presented in a modern exhibitive way, connecting the audience with the works and bringing together the context of printed materials with the supportive ethnographic elements. The exhibition, in which town-venue and culture concept was focused on, is facing towards its own culture. In this regard, the concept of “Multiculturalism and Polylingualism in Kastamonu” is handled through the people who lived in this town. 

This exhibition which was organised in the Anatolia, is the first step of an extensive project which would continue in different cities nationally and internationally. This series will continue within the frame of the same conceptual approach with different kind of art events. 


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