Contemporary Istanbul 2018 Art Tour 


Cüneyt Aksoy

Title of work

Flow Collection Artwalk


Fairmont Quasar İstanbul Hotel
Contemporary İstanbul





For the art tour which was organized within Contemporary İstanbul 2018 VIP Programme; a special anthology from the “Flow” art collection made for Fairmont Quasar İstanbul Hotel was introduced to the local and international guests.

Fairmont Quasar Hotel, which is located in one of the main centres of İstanbul, is also a venue for special events in which the guests could feel the rhythm of the city other than hosting the guests spending the night.  A route was prepared for this special art tour as the artworks are exhibited in different areas of the hotel. Information about the period of creating the collection and chosen artworks are shared with the audience.

The art tour was organized bilingually (Turkish and English) with the curator of the project and ended with a cocktail in a suite with a Bosporus view in which the new artworks are exhibited in addition to the existing collection.


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