We divided our services into six different topics, and according to the specific needs of the project; as we can offer one single project, we also offer them separately.

strategic planning

CUBIS identifies the field that an institution, a brand or a collector should address and how they proceed and by doing so matches them with the ideal and a well-rounded art project. A well-rounded project is then developed within the scope of the customized strategic planning. This strategic planning of the art project could be regarded as the “lingua franca” of the brand or the institution.


concept development

It is a universal fact that an artistic event should proceed within a specified concept. And therefore CUBIS creates a genuine concept for the strategic planning. The concept and the strategic planning of the art project could be regarded as the infinity symbol. These concentric and simultaneous processes create the outline for the project.


design and selection of art pieces  

CUBIS designs even the tiniest detail of the project, undertakes the selection of the art pieces, the objects and the curation, and shares every stage in detail. These processes are always followed up by our team. As the selection of the art pieces are identified during this process; the relevant artists, art and craft ateliers become clear along with the design objects and their production. Art Department plays an active role by creating spaces that are genuine and inspirational; coincides the soul of the venue with its function, meaning and the organization. 


procurement and organisation

Procurement and organisation are managed by the Art Department and Customer Relations Department. During the procurement stage, CUBIS works with national and international artists, and art-craft-design ateliers. As this requires a proactive approach; the customers are informed about the necessary organisational structure accordingly, and the demands are met within the stated deadline. 


delivery and installation

Additional services like framing, crating, transportation, mounting and the exhibition regarding the project’s delivery and the installation are also handled. CUBIS cooperates with the sector’s prestigious firms domestically and internationally. 


art events

Various art events organised by CUBIS are; seminars with curators and artists, art walks, performances, art publishing and/or exhibitions. 

In this context there are different collaborations with NGOs, public and private sectors, and academia.