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ISLAND online exhibition

April 16, 2020 | Cubis Art Istanbul

“ISLAND” exhibition has been curated by Robin Tarbet of SWAP Editions who invited 10 artists to take part. When he conceived of the idea he had been thinking about Brexit: but obviously with Covid- 19 the theme of island seems even more relevant than Brexit as we all self isolate. 

Robin invited each artist to respond to the theme of island in whatever way they wanted, whether as a real, imaginary or metaphorical space. Each artist was asked to make an edition of work responding to their island.

In addition, SWAP Editions has collaborated with Skelf, who have made an online website for the project. Each artist was asked a series of questions about their island and these can be seen at Skelf’s website until April 21st. 

“I chose to make work about Lomea. In legend, Lomea was an island in the English Channel, between England and France, until it submerged in around 1100 AD. It probably never existed but is where the Goodwin Sands, dangerous sandbanks notorious for shipwrecks, are located today. I write about it as though it is a real place, facing submersion. My edition consisted of ceramic pieces allegedly a “hoard” found on Lomea island. Each of the ceramic pieces is a leaf shaped pendant, inspired by Roman artefacts which were offered to the goddess Luna, asking for fertility and abundance. In addition to these, I have been writing about day to day living on the island and inventing stories to do with its history.” (by Sara Trillo / one of artists to take part)

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