our journey...

CUBIS aims to bring together the right art piece with the right venue. While designing the art projects, CUBIS pairs the pieces with the venues, the venues with the people, and the people with the concepts and the strategies, and therefore works with many local and international artists and craftsmen. This mapping technique brings out different and innovative art projects and creates new grounds and new expressions for collectors, and brands, institutions to express themselves with art.

our manifesto; 

“To make all the difference, and dynamize the artistic media, support every form, style of art and therefore offer institutive and creative projects to institutions, brands and collectors.” 

As an art management firm based on İstanbul CUBIS develops artistic projects for investors, and supports art and artists up to the mark. CUBIS aims to enrich the identity and the services of its customers with the value-added projects. Provides a professional structured art management with a creative vision and defines the new dynamics by doing so.