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CUBIS is an innovative art management firm providing creative projects based on İstanbul. CUBIS designs the art by synthesising traditional and contemporary methods. Creates new venues and expressions for institutions and brands to express themselves with art.

Together with the international contacts, CUBIS Art Istanbul manages and develops artistic projects globally with a corporate and organisational structure. 



[This work was painted by Cüneyt Aksoy for Emaar Turkey]

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May 10, 2020 | Cubis Art Istanbul

Leyla Gencer: La Diva Turca

We commemorate Leyla Gencer, one of the most important opera artists of the 20th century, with respect and love on the 12th anniversary of her death.

The documentary film LEYLA ...

April 16, 2020 | Cubis Art Istanbul

ISLAND online exhibition

“ISLAND” exhibition has been curated by Robin Tarbet of SWAP Editions who invited 10 artists to take part. When he conceived of the idea he had been thinking about Brexit ...